Watch This Fox News Host Gleefully Wish For Terrorist Attack to Help Trump

After a preliminary reference to the concerns of young people, The Five switched to another topic which has gone viral after the comments of one of their correspondents, Jesse Watters.

He referred to what he called a surprise in October when a terrorist attack could increase votes for Donald Trump, the Republican presidential candidate. He stated, “If there’s one more terror attack, maybe in October, this is gonna make Trump’s plan look a lot more appealing.” Watters was clearly a standalone in his idea as he elicited the reaction of the panel.

Speaking up about Watters statements, Juan Williams, the other host of The Five was clearly disgusted. He exclaimed, “Oh my god, what wishful thinking. Anti-American! That’s unbelievable!” Watters response was “Why would you say that that’s what I’m thinking How dare you!” Williams just simply shook his head, apparently in desperation.

Watters has a history of making smug comments which have infuriated many people, both on the network and in the audience. The viral effect has been shown to give those opposed to Trump more power from the words of Watters. The spread to social media is rampant and the world learns what is on the mind of some of the same people who bring the news.

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