Watch This Filthy Stray Poodle Transform – She’s Unrecognizable After Her Rescue…

When the rescue organization Hope For Paws was called upon to rescue a poodle living on the streets in Los Angeles, they discovered the animal was in very bad condition. The dog was so mangey that they couldn’t even determine its gender.

The pooch, later named Dolly, was terrified at first, but the rescuers were finally able to get her into the car with them. Once they arrived back at headquarters, their first order of business was to deal with the matted mess of filthy dog hair that made Dolly look so miserable.A good grooming was clearly in order.

The before and after pictures are remarkable. From having so much dirt and grime caked into her hair, to having a soft, gleaming clean coat of short blond fur – it’s a very impressive transformation. This was Dolly’s first step along the path to a new life, and it has been captured in this heartwarming video.

Dolly has now found a new family who’s pledged to love her for the rest of her life. However, there are still many dogs like Dolly living in shelters or roaming the streets. This was an emotional victory in an ongoing conflict against growing numbers of abandoned animals.

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