WATCH: This Dad And His Daughter Get Into An Argument – It’s Too Cute To Handle!

Babies and toddlers can be a huge amount of work, but there are some moments that make it all worth it. A 15 month old girl felt she had the authority to tell her dad to leave her alone when she hopped up onto a table.

The whole situation is ridiculous, and it’s quite obvious to most people that she indeed does not own the house, although she acts like she does. Of course, her father is completely right when he tells her to get off of the furniture. There are countless tragic injuries to children to climb up onto tall furniture only to fall off and knock their heads the wrong way.

The dad has trouble not laughing as his daughter stands up straight, puffs out her chest, and tells him that he has no right to remove her from her spot on top of the table. Of course, the dad has to balance effective parenting with his emotions, which at the time meant not bursting out laughing while telling his daughter to hop off of the table.

Perhaps the best part of this going viral is that he even got his daughter to record a new video. Following in the trend of “reaction” videos, this dad recorded his daughter yet a second time as she watched the video he posted of her on the table. Of course, this video doesn’t rival the incredibly cute original video. There’s no doubt this will continue to trend and that the girl won’t laugh at herself when she watches it when she’s older!

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