Watch: These Twin Babies Think They’re Still In The Womb

If you had any doubts about twins sharing a special bond, this video will convince you otherwise. While siblings and even close friends share a similar connection, many twins have claimed to share a bond that goes beyond average human communication. They can often feel what the other is feeling using a sort of sixth sense.

These precious newborns don’t realize they have left their mother’s womb, still embracing each other as they have for many months. Paternity nurse, Sonia Rochel, is seen bathing the babies using a method called the Thalassa Baby Bath.

During this special bath, babies are comforted by the warmth of the water almost immediately after birth. Working with babies has been Sonia’s life’s work. She has learned that the most important part of caring for babies is having a lot of patience. Sonia goes on to explain how babies try to communicate to their caregivers.

“So I started observing babies really well … I’ve listened to them a lot because I realized that a baby tells us a lot of things … but most us aren’t used to listening to that.”

Watch as these twins are comforted by Sonia’s calming bathing method. It’s a magical scene of new life, giving us a sneak peak of what it’s like inside the womb.

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