WATCH: She Takes A Block Of Wood, Glue, And A Photo–The result? Something INCREDIBLE!

If you were looking for a new and creative way to display your photos, here is one that you can try out. This is very easy, and the result is extremely impressive considering how simple the project actually is. Basically, you can cut the images from your photos onto blocks of wood, and you only need a few simple materials to do this.

Basically, all that you are going to need is the picture of your choice printed on regular copy paper, a gel medium, a block of wood, and mod podge.

Once you have all these ingredients, the process is very easy. Anyone can do this, whether or not you are artistic. All you need to do is cover the wood with the gel, and then put your photo down and allow it to dry. Then, use a wet cloth to scrub away the wetted paper. All of the paper residue being gone, the image from your photo will now be on the wood.

This is a great idea for any photo that you would like to display in a different way. It will also make it much harder to lose treasured photos, because you will be dealing with a block of wood rather than a piece of paper that can easily get lost. This is a great idea for anyone who is looking for a new do it yourself project, and it is definitely worth trying out even if you are just curious to see if it works.

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