WATCH: She Begs Michael Buble To Do A Duet With Her Son. His Response Is AMAZING

Michael Bublé at one of his recent shows proved that once again that he is an amazing person. The star was chatting with the crowd during a break during the show, and ended up having a very interesting conversation with a woman in the audience.

The fan told the huge singer that she is a fan of Michael Bublé’s work, and that he son also happens to be a very good singer. The star seemed to be very sympathetic, and proceeded to talk to the fan for a long time. The singer eventually declared that they had talked about the matter for long enough, and that her son should come up on stage in order to sing with him.

The fifteen year old boy was obviously shy, which makes sense as he was going to have to sing in front of an audience of thousands of people. Especially, as this is the kind of things that persons talk about in the form of legends.

However, the boy was able to come up on the stage, and ended up delivering a great duet. The audience seemed to love the charm of Michael Bublé, and maybe the young man has a bright singing future in front of him.

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