WATCH LIVE: Man Climbs Trump Tower Using ONLY Suction Cups

WATCH LIVE: Man Climbs Trump Tower Using ONLY Suction Cups

Authorities in New York City were called into action recently as an unidentified man attempted to scale the 58-story Trump Tower in Manhattan using only an elaborate setup of suction cups and a harness. Within an hour the man had reached the 12th floor of the 1,388 foot high skyscraper and continued to climb.

Emergency personnel responded by breaking out a window and maneuvering through ventilation ducts in an effort to talk him into giving himself up. When these efforts failed, authorities were able to pull the man in through a broken window.

At first, the man’s motives remained unclear. It was later discovered that he had posted a video on YouTube which explained his reasoning for making the climb. While some suspected it was to protest Trump’s candidacy for President of the United States, the man in the video actually encourages individuals to vote for Trump.

Trump lives and works in Trump Tower when he is in New York. The real estate mogul and Republican nominee was not in residence as the climb was taking place but was campaigning in Florida. Given the high emotions surrounding the current political race, many initially believed the man’s climb was politically motivated.

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