WATCH: He Says Goodbye To His Wife of 75 Years On Her Deathbed By Singing Her Beautiful Song…

People are always talking about true love and soul mates. Whether you believe in them or not, the couple in this video has some very deep and very real feelings for each other. This blissful pair had been married for a whopping 75 years. In the video the 92 year-old man stands at the bedside of his beloved wife who is 93 years-old and on her death-bed.

They’re in a hospital. Howard, the husband, tells his wife, Laura, over and over again that he loves her so much, all the while stroking her face gently. He then starts singing to her: Rosemary Clooney’s classic rendition of the tune “You Never Know.” Erin Solari, the pair’s granddaughter documented the emotionally tense scene as it happened. Laura is obviously frail and feeble in her hospital bed, lying completely down and unable to talk too much. She is at one point, able to muster up enough strength to make sure her husband aware that she loved him too. She even instructs him to behave in her absence, humorously. It’s beautiful to see that the pair’s sense of humor is still perfectly intact even in the middle of such a heavy situation. Laura listens to Howard crooning, as he sings “You Never Know” gazing at her intently.

Although the rest of the family isn’t at all visible in the video clip, they are audible in the background. Some of them even cry while Howard and Laura exchange these meaningful words. They realize that they’re viewing the couple’s final memory together. Howard and Laura’s granddaughter posted the video to her Facebook page, with a caption explaining just how fortunate she was to memorialize the tragic, beautiful and amazing experience. She also mentioned that the song her grandfather was singing to her grandmother was the exact song that her grandmother depended on when he was away from home during World War II.

It’s impossible to deny the love that existed between these two people. The Internet was so affected by the video clip that it rapidly went viral – thousands and thousands of people on Facebook shared it with their friends and family members. Howard and Laura have clearly been best friends and companions for decades.

This couple seems to prove that love can continue to blossom over many, many years. Although Howard and Laura’s clip is tough to watch because it is so sad, but it also makes for a highly emotional experience. Death can be a terrible and difficult thing to deal with, but a life-long love like this one might just make the loss worth it all the same.

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