WATCH: Firefighter Finds Strange Box On The Side Of The Road. What He Sees Inside? Life Changing

According the the American Humane Association, 7.6 million dogs and cats are taken to animal shelters across the United States each year. An extremely small percentage of those animals are actually brought in by their previous owners, the majority found wandering the streets or wasting away in extremely poor health.

A college student at Riverside Christian College created a short film about this predicament. It’s about a puppy who is stranded in the woods, but is thankfully rescued by a noble firefighter. The film begins with the firefighter, driving his truck through the woods when he notices a small box. He stops and peeks inside the to find a small puppy, abandoned, which he picks up puts in his truck and takes home with him.

The story continues from the dog’s point of view as he grows older. The dog reflects on the happy times he spent with his owner and thanks him for all of the love and affection they’ve shared. The dog and his owner are shown walking the beach and playing fetch.

Sadly, the video ends with the dog’s death, but there is happiness in the fact that a dog who would have otherwise died in the middle of the woods alone, was instead given a happy and fulfilling life full of love and companionship. The video is a touching one, so if you’re trying to be touched, check it out:

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