Watch Donald Destroy Trump As He Uses His Own Words Against Himself

A new video of Donald Trump is going viral throughout social media. Entitled “Trump Exposes Trump,” detractors of the billionaire turned Republican Presidential nominee say the video shows Trump has no real opinion on the issues at all, and that he just says whatever comes into his head at a given moment. Among the issues raised in the video are his support of the Iraq War. Trump has repeatedly stated on the campaign trail that he has always opposed the Iraq War, yet in an interview in 2002 on the Howard Stern radio show, Trump is shown to support military action in the country. The video also calls into question his opinion of Democratic Party candidate Hillary Clinton. While today Trump frequently calls her “Crooked Hillary,” in the past he has said that she is “very talented,” and did a good job as Secretary of State under President Barack Obama.

The video also calls into question Trump’s overall political philosophy. Trump currently dubs himself a conservative, yet in the past he has said that he identifies himself as a member of the liberal-leaning Democratic Party. Trump even went so far as to suggest that conservatives were “too crazy” for him. A segment even suggests that Trump has flip-flopped in his stance on abortion, at one point calling himself “very pro-life” and in another saying that he is “very pro-choice.”

Since the Republican National Convention, Trump’s campaign has met numerous obstacles, mostly due to the candidate’s aggressive nature. His feud with a Gold Star Family and flippant response to being given a supporter’s Purple Heart Medal have led many political commentators and pundits to dub the week’s events as among the most damaging of any presidential candidate’s campaign in recent history. This latest video is sure to stir the pot even more, and lead more voters to question if Trump is qualified to be America’s next president.

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