Watch Danny Glover Give A Rousing Support Speech For of Bernie Sanders

Bernie Sanders’ rise from little known mayor to one of the most beloved presidential candidates of the 2016 election has been due to his genuinely held political views and fervent support from many people. Yet another person to speak out on his behalf is Danny Glover, the actor famous worldwide for his role in the Lethal Weapon film series. In addition to his work as an actor and director, Glover is also famous for his political activism, supporting lower class and minority people.

In a powerful speech in Greenville, South Carolina, Glover introduces Sanders to a cheering crowd. Glover has mentioned his support for Sanders in the past, but this rally is the first time that Glover has appeared with Sanders. At the huge rally of over 5,000 people, Glover’s speech definitely makes a big impact. Since the primary election for the Democratic candidate is next week in South Carolina, candidates are holding massive rallies to encourage more people to support their preferred candidate.

Glover makes it clear that he thinks Sanders is the nation’s best chance to create positive political change, and he appeals to his fellow African Americans by mentioning the high rate of mass incarceration for black men within the nation. In fact, one of the main reasons that Glover is supporting Sanders is because he believes that Sanders can help to lower incarceration rates by creating fairer laws and providing more support to impoverished areas. South Carolina has a long and complicated history with race, due to the state’s history of slave-owning, so Glover’s mention of a subject that affects the state’s population is certainly well timed.

To explain his support for Sanders, Glover references Sanders past political history. Glover enthusiastically declares, “From the mayor to Congress, to the Senate, he’s been there working! It’s not the time you spent, its the substance you make out of that time! And that’s what Bernie Sanders is about! We’re all a part of history. We’re making our history right here at this moment, with the choices that we make! And it isn’t it amazing to know that we’re building not only a movement but building that movement right in the face of a presidential election!”

Glover has a compelling voice and a commanding presence that makes the campaign rally even more excited before Sanders’ entrance. He clearly believes that Bernie Sanders long history of civil rights activism makes him the best choice for the United States new president. Currently, Sanders is slightly behind Hillary Clinton in the South Carolina polls, but the support of Glover and many other beloved celebrities may make a difference when the primary election is held next week. Watch the video here to see Glover introduce Sanders and encourage people to “feel the Bern!”

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