WATCH: Dad’s Gut Tells Him Something Is Wrong. So He Sets Up A Hidden Camera…

WATCH: Dad’s Gut Tells Him Something Is Wrong. So He Sets Up A Hidden Camera…

There are times when a parent’s intuition alerts one that something isn’t right in the home or at school. One father listened to that intuition, and he set up a video camera in the home.

He knew that something wasn’t right with the childcare that his children were receiving, but there wasn’t proof. The father hid a camera in an area of the house where it could view the caregiver and the children through the day. The only bad thing about the caregiver is that it’s the mother.

As a result of the video being in place, the father got evidence of abuse at just the right time. The mother is seen on video abusing the children in a violent manner. The father took the evidence to the police department as soon as possible. An investigation took place, and the mother was arrested only a few days later. She was charged with two counts of battery and assault.

The video was posted on Facebook to make others aware that you have to trust your instincts. If something doesn’t seem right, it’s best to find out sooner than later. There is a fundraiser in place to help with attorney’s fees for the father and to help provide Christmas gifts for the children.

I'm posting this video to show that it's not always the guy who is the abuser to children. This woman Kendra Beswick or KKendra Beswick is the woman pictured and also their mom. I'm their father. You all share and let's see this video blow up. These kids deserve justice. Pictures are in comments. I've setup a go fund me account to help with legal expenses.

Posted by Steven B Corthorn on Monday, November 30, 2015

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