Watch: 1963 Video Of Bernie Sanders Being Arrested For Protesting Racism

Opponents of Bernie Sanders have been trying to say that he is not committed to minority issues. However, there is a video that debunks those claims. The video was shot in 1963 at a civil rights protest in Chicago. The people were protesting against the racism in the University of Chicago’s housing program. Bernie was arrested at the protest.

The video was recorded by Jerry Temaner. He is the co-founder of Kartemquin Films. The company confirmed that the man in the video is Bernie Sanders. Bernie was the president of the Congress For Racial Equality at the University of Chicago at the time of his arrest. He was later charged with resisting arrest.

This video proves that Bernie is just as passionate about racial issues as he is about socioeconomic issues. It is natural for a progressive to be passionate about both issues. He understands that the two are linked. Many people who are a victim of racism also live in poverty.

This video also proves that Bernie has been passionate about racial issues for many years. Even though many people have been trying to discredit Bernie’s involvement in the Civil Rights Movement, it is obvious that he is a man who stands behind what he says.

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