WARNING: Watching These Cute Animals Sneeze May Cause You To Laugh Until It Hurts

Unstoppable sneezing fits can be pretty frustrating to have to endure. Absolutely no one enjoys those. Although dealing with bouts of sneezing can be stressful when they happen to you, they can actually be pretty adorable in animals. Who can withstand feeling all warm inside when they see a dog innocently sneezing out of the blue, anyway?

This video clip truly depicts the cuteness of sneezing in the animal kingdom. These cuddly creatures appear to have gotten a little too much dust inside of their nostrils. Because of that, they’re dealing with incessant sneezing and making hilarious sounds and expressions to boot.

The creatures that exist in this vast world are extremely diverse in appearance and size. Their sneezes, bizarrely enough, are equally as diverse. Although sneezing runs the gamut in animals, one thing remains constant: their sneezing is extremely endearing and charming. Whether an animal is a pig, a lively young puppy, a monkey, a rabbit or anything else under the sun, they sneeze in a manner that’s absolutely precious.

Although the poor creatures in the video clip likely aren’t very happy about their seemingly out of control sneezing, people who see them often find it hard not to fall in love with it. They just look so silly (and sweet) when they can’t stop sneezing. Some of the sounds these animals produce while they sneeze are downright jarring, as well. No two animal sneezing sounds are exactly the same, anyway. They all, however, are incredibly adorable and fascinating.

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