VIRAL: Dad Asks His 3-Year-Old To Sing During Recording – Must See Young Talent!

Some people are born with innate talent. This type of talent is truly undeniable. Millions of people all around the world want to enjoy careers in the showbiz realm. They take acting lessons. They take singing lessons. They do whatever they can to gain an advantage. There are some lucky people out there, however, who don’t necessarily have to do all of these things. These fortunate folks are equipped with immense natural talent. They have a natural “je ne sais quoi” that’s hard to really describe. Wee Claire Ryann is definitely one of these people. There’s simply no disputing that.

Little Claire is merely three years in age. She may be small physically but that doesn’t mean that her talent is small. Her talent is a far cry from small, to be honest. She happens to already be an incredible singer. She happens to already have highly impressive stage presence, too. Stage presence definitely isn’t something that people can learn overnight. Some people spend years and years trying to master the fine art of stage presence. Some people have it and some people do not. It’s definitely not something you can just get because you want it.

Claire’s father is a skilled professional who works in the music production field. He has a studio that he runs out of his home. He one day requested his beloved daughter perform for him. Claire is a big fan of the classic song “Part of Your World.” “Part of Your World” is a song from the legendary animated Disney flick from 1989 “The Little Mermaid.” He wanted to know if his young daughter had any desire to be recorded singing. She quickly told him that yes, she wanted to record the track she loves so much. The rest is history.

Claire’s proud father started to play “Part of Your World.” It doesn’t take Claire long at all to react to the music coming in, either. The little girl instantly started singing and the results were absolutely amazing. She’s a true ham and that’s in the best possible way. She has a magnetic presence when she shares her voice with the world. The youngster’s voice, first of all, is truly amazing. She appears to have zero reservations about performing in front of a camera, too, which is definitely a rarity for someone who is as young as she is. Most young people are quite hesitant to just let it all out there like that. Claire looks like a bona fide seasoned professional when she’s in front of the microphone. Being recorded singing seems like something that’s 100 percent second nature for her, surprisingly enough.

Claire is still an extremely young child, so it’s impossible to guess what she wants to be when she’s a fully grown adult. It definitely wouldn’t be surprising, however, if she chose to pursue a career as a vocalist. She already comes across like a highly experienced veteran when she begins working her magic. It’s impossible to know what tiny Claire’s career plans are at this point. She most likely doesn’t have any at all. The only thing that’s certain is that the world is her oyster. Music is in the little girl’s blood, too, thanks to her dad’s successful career in music production. If she ever has any questions about working in music, she’ll surely be able to consult dear dad for some advice.

Claire is a shining example of talent at its finest. It’s incredible to think about where Claire’s amazing abilities may take her someday. We’d love to see it all happen. This girl genuinely has chops!

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