VIDOE: Two Brothers Walk On Stage. When The Music Starts, Watch The One On The Left…

A lot of people dream of becoming music stars, but the opportunity to capture a large audience at one time is rare. However, this competitive opportunity opened a door for two young men who have gone through a lot in their young lifetime.

The Royce twins, Gabriel and Michael Saalfield from Australia have endured the loss of both of their parents and were raised in foster care, but still have found a way to channel their challenges into something positive.

An Unforgettable Musical Performance

By forming a duet between themselves over the past several years, Gabriel and Michael were able to show how much they love music and have spent a considerable amount of time developing their talent when they appeared on the X Factor. When they begin to sing, they wooed the crowd with their strong twin essence and beautiful voices.

However, during their performance, their unique talent begin to shine through especially when Michael begin to sing solo then Gabriel stepped away from his brother and sang their song in higher key. When they finished their solo parts, they sang in unison, then ended the song with a low harmonious tone.

After their performance, they received a thunderous applause from the audience, and humbly accepted a yes vote from all four judges. In fact, one of the judges commented that “he would be downloading the song tonight“. At the end of the performance, the Royce twins were greeted by their sister Beck, their foster dad Mark, and other friends.

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