VIDEO: You’ll Be STUNNED By What This Teacher Did. Even Ellen Breaks Down When She Sees This!

Ellen is a woman who recognizes the good deeds of others. She pays attention to those who do more for the ones who don’t have anything, especially when it comes to education. When Ellen heard about a teacher named Sonya, she knew that she had to get her on her television show so that others would know her.

Sonya teaches a kindergarten class in New Mexico. She goes into the classroom and starts her days with her students in a special way. She asks each student in the room if they have had food before coming to school, if they need to brush their hair or teeth and if they need clothes or shoes.

The teacher has a child of her own, and she is the foster mother of two students who were in her class. Ellen found out about what the teacher was doing for her students, and after seeing a video of the love and support shown by the other teachers and students in the school, Ellen did something surprising.

She gave the teacher a check for $10,000, and she also gave the school a check for $10,000. This teacher has made a positive impact on the community, and she is now being recognized as she should for her acts of kindness.

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