VIDEO: Within Seconds Of This Tiny Kid Started Singing I Had Goosebumps All Over My Body

It is always great to watch a talented singer perform. Performances from individuals with impressive voices are always entertaining, and it is also interesting to observe the different qualities that different singers bring to well known songs. It is particularly enjoyable to watch children who are extremely talented singing these well known songs, because they have their entire lives and careers ahead of them, and it can be great to see the very beginning of a budding singer’s career.

Jotta A is one Brazilian gospel singer who was amazing to watch, and he is just a child. He first acquired his fame on a Brazilian TV talent show, and his reputation and fame have just been growing ever since. He is an incredibly talented singer, as shown in this video where he sings the well-known “Hallelujah.”

Most people have heard this song, and it is a very touching and poignant song, particularly for people who are religious and enjoy listening to gospel music. Jotta A sings this song on stage, and his rendition of it is absolutely amazing. Not only does he deliver the vocals flawlessly, but he does it with an amazing poise and confidence that is typically only seen in the most professional of singers. Anyone who has ever heard this song should definitely take the time to watch his performance, because it is absolutely incredible.

It is always great to see such a talented child who is clearly going places. Hopefully, he stays in the music business.

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