VIDEO: With Only TWO Ingredients She Creates The Best Cake I’ve Ever Tasted. YUMMY!

With enough creativity you can make a dessert out of almost anything. One woman uses only a few ingredients to create a delicious dish ideal for any time of the year. The only ingredients for the dessert? Berries and butter. Here’s how:

You can use any kind of berry that you want. They can be fresh or frozen berries, but smaller berries, such as blueberries and raspberries work best. The dessert is made in a crock pot and considered a cobbler. Try this and it will soon become a family favorite.

Add a package of berries to a crock pot. It doesn’t matter how many berries you use (the more variety you have, the more flavors you will have). Sprinkle a small amount of baking mix in with the berries. Add enough butter to coat the berries.

The berries will produce their own juices as they cook, so you don’t need to add any kind of water or other liquids. After the cobbler is finished and you put some of the dessert in a bowl, you can add vanilla ice cream or whipped cream to finish the dessert. Change the berries to match the season!

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