VIDEO: With Just A Few Folds, he Turns A $1 Bill Into Something I Never Knew Possible

Giving money as a gift can be somewhat neutral. It might be a good idea if you don’t know what to get for anyone, or you might be in a pinch and forgot a birthday or holiday, needing to give money instead of a present.

When you start shopping for a gift that someone might like or doesn’t have, it can get overwhelming. There are some creative ways that you can give money or a gift card that don’t seem as impresonal as simply putting the item in an envelope. You can use a small amount of money or a large sum depending on the event and the recipient.

Fold a few dollar bills to put inside a French fry box from a favorite fast food restaurant. This is something good to do for children. Add rolls of money in a balloon with confetti so that the money comes out when the balloon is popped. Remove the chocolate from a box, replacing each piece with a folded bill or coin.

You can stuff a soda bottle with dollar bills and small pieces of candy, and make a bouquet of flowers with dollar bills. Create a pizza with money inside a pizza box. Put money in the middle of a jar with gumballs or other small pieces of candy on the outer edge so that the recipient gets a sweet surprise.

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