VIDEO: With Just A Few Cuts, She Turns Her Pants Into A Fashionable Shirt!

If you’re a woman, chances are you’ve got some leggings in your wardrobe– maybe even lots of them. Maybe some of them are out of style, they don’t fit just how you’d like, or maybe you just simply don’t want to wear some of them anymore.

Is it time to throw them out? No! The San Francisco Globe recently posted about a Youtube channel called Handimania, and they have a better, and much more fashionable, solution: turn your old leggings into trendy new shirts!

Here’s how: first, take your leggings and fold them in half, one leg directly on top of the other. Using scissors, cut a small semicircle out of the bottom of the butt of the leggings (When folded, the butt should end at a tip. This is what you cut off).

What’s the next step? There isn’t one! Unfold the leggings, and you’ve got a shirt! The waist of the old leggings is now a stylish midriff, and the hole you cut is where your head goes through. What were once the legs of the leggings are now sleeves that you can cut to any length you desire. You can make a normal long sleeve shirt, a baseball sleeve cut, short sleeves, or even a tank top depending on how you cut the legs.

That’s it! It takes only a couple of seconds, and now you’ve got a new shirt. Since leggings can be cheap, this is an excellent chance to save money and get new tops.

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