VIDEO: Willie Nelson Backs Both Bernie Sanders And Hillary Clinton For POTUS

Willie Nelson is one of the greatest country music stars in the history of the genre. Nelson has released over a dozen studio albums, and his work spans from the early 1960s to present day. Aside from being a country music legend, Willie Nelson has also starred in over thirty Hollywood films. Nelson has even recorded music with rappers such as Snoop Dogg. Willie Nelson’s crossover appeal has made him an iconic music star.

Nelson is known for being a free spirit and a liberal. His support of marijuana over the course of his career is extremely well known. Willie Nelson has even gone to jail because of his love of marijuana. He even sells marijuana related products, and the recent legalization of marijuana in select states has made him even richer. Nonetheless, many people were extremely surprised when they heard that Willie Nelson is supporting Bernie Sanders and Hillary Clinton in the 2016 presidential election.

Bernie Sanders has been painted as a socialist, and he seems to have a strange view on gun control. However, even with Bernie’s strange views on the world, Willie Nelson has publicly endorsed him. Sanders’ lack of strict gun policy might be exactly what Nelson finds admirable about him. On the other hand, Hillary Clinton plans on having stricter gun laws as President of the United States, but the recent San Bernardino shooting has shaken things up even more for both candidates. Gun control became a focal point of the Democratic Debate this past Tuesday night.

Whether or not gun control is truly a main concern of Willie Nelson remains to be seen. But, what’s obviously at the top of Willie Nelson’s concerns is marijuana legalization. Both Bernie Sanders and Hillary Clinton seem to be endorsable presidential candidates for the legendary country music star. It’s no surprise that Nelson is a fan of Bernie Sanders’ proposed drug reform policy. Bernie Sanders believes that the American War on Drugs is a failed policy that needs to be overhauled entirely.

At the same token, Hillary Clinton believes that marijuana laws should be reformed as well. Clinton feels that the punishment for marijuana related crimes are far too harsh and severe. The rest of the presidential candidates are not too easy going when it comes to marijuana reform. Nonetheless, Willie Nelson is hopeful that either Sanders or Clinton can get into the presidential office and change our country for the better. At the end of the day, Willie Nelson is still a hippie, and he’s going to support whoever shares his beliefs on marijuana. A recent interview with Willie Nelson confirms his support of Bernie Sanders and Hillary Clinton. Anyone who is interested in this story should check out the video to hear Willie Nelson’s thoughts on the upcoming presidential election.

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