VIDEO: Why She Wraps Her Cake In Bubble Wrap? You Have To See This To Believe It. Awesome!

Baking is like chemistry. But, unlike chemistry class you can eat everything you create. With a little help from YouTube’s Cakes StepbyStep , prepare yourself for the most delicious chemistry experiment ever. This video shows you how to temper chocolate in a modern and convenient way:

In a glass bowl, in your microwave…

It also shows you how to make artistic chocolate using ordinary bubble wrap like a three dimensional stencil. With a little creativity and some practice, you can learn to sculpt beehive, basket weave or coral-like shapes.

In this episode, the video blogger makes a chocolate basket to hold a beautiful, delicious display of real fruit on top of the cake. Add a cake to top and fresh fruit of your choice, you will need melted tempered chocolate and some clean bubble wrap for this project. After this edible artwork is completed, use a heated knife to slice through without breaking the chocolate basket. This will help you keep it looking lovely as you plate your elegant handiwork. But wait! Hang on to the bubble wrap. Don’t get rid of those plastic air-pockets. Once you have this mastered, you can re-use it for future cake decorating projects. Try all the variations touched on in the video. Enjoy delicious mistakes while you master this skill. Or simply just recycle.

If you missed out on taking home economics in high school, you are in luck. Online cooking videos today can teach you just about anything you want to know about food preparation. Plus, most are available for free elsewhere. Get creative and reap the benefits of your chemical kitchen experiments.

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