VIDEO: Whoopi Goldberg Calls Out Ted Cruz!! Asks: Where’s YOUR Birth Certificate?

The subject of Ted Cruz’s presidential hopes came up on the television talk show “The View”. Cruz, in the past, has been highly critical of President Obama for his health insurance policies and other reasons and is popular with many “birthers” who are not convinced Obama was born in the United States and therefore should not be president.

Well, it turns out that Cruz himself was not born in the United States. He was born in Calgary, Canada in 1970. His father was in Canada at the time working for an oil business. The ladies on the show were having some lighthearted fun with the idea that Cruz was born out of the United States when he is so popular with far right conservatives.

Then, the conversation took a turn. Hostess Whoopi Goldberg demanded to see Cruz’s birth certificate. Also, she asked Cruz whether he was speaking as a white person or a Cuban (Cruz is of Latino heritage). Her tone was one of humorous parody of the birthers who have repeatedly called out and criticized Obama over the years, but at the same time serious.

“When we turn it around, it’s not so nice,” she said, looking directly at the camera as if addressing Cruz himself. The audience cheered wildly at her remarks.

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