VIDEO: Who Do You See? Einstein Or Marilyn Monroe? The Answer Took Me By Surprise. See It Here…

An image has recently been developed that may prove to be a good test for your vision skills, and the test is just one simple question: Who do you see, Albert Einstein or Marilyn Monroe?

The picture itself is what’s called a “hybrid image,” in which two different pictures of very different spatial frequencies are overlapped. In this case it’s a picture of Marilyn Monroe with a high spatial frequency, overlapping with a picture of Albert Einstein with a low spatial frequency (making the picture look negative).

The test works like this: if your eyes are healthy and you’re viewing the picture from a good distance, they’ll pick up the fine details of the image, which makes you see Albert Einstein. If you stand very far away from the image, or have poor eyesight, you’ll only see the general shapes of the image. This will make you see Marilyn Monroe.

If you don’t believe it, try it out for yourself! Pull up the picture. At normal monitor distance you should see Einstein unless your eyesight is very poor. Now stand up and walk away and the prize winning physicist and founder of the theory of relativity will morph into the famed starlet and alleged lover of JFK.

This test, featured in the popular YouTube channel AsapSCIENCE, is a remarkably easy, fun, and informative way to test your vision.

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