VIDEO: Whimpers Were Coming From An Abandoned Box. You Will NOT Believe What Was In It

One would never guess that they would find an abandoned animal in a box on the street, but that’s exactly what happened in Prince George, British Columbia.

A woman walking behind a store one day thought she heard the sound of crying coming from a nearby box. Not knowing what she would find when she opened up the box, she was completely shocked when she saw a small puppy inside.

The puppy, a Yorkie-Poo mix, had been inside the box for an unknown amount of time. Sadly, she had a rubber band tied around her snout, presumably an attempt to keep her quiet. To make things worse, she was left outside in the bitter cold of winter.

The woman who found the puppy immediately brought her to a local rescue organization, Animal Advocates. There she was given love, medical care, and plenty of cuddles as she was nursed back to health. Given the name of Star, the dog is now happy, healthy, and thriving in a loving environment.

This story is an unfortunate example of what some people do when they are unprepared to care for a dog. To help in these situations, animal rescue organizations are ready and willing to accept dogs and many other animals to keep them from the same situation that Star once found herself in.

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