VIDEO: While On A Walk This Goose Spots A German Shepard. How He Reacts? NO WAY!

Dominic Ehrler regularly goes to a park in his area. He one day at the park made a very good friend called Mario. The funny thing about Mario, however, is that he also happens to be a goose. He’s in no way human. Ehrler believes that Mario is aware that they’re friends, despite his inability to speak like a human being. He says that he thinks that Mario feels an unconditional love for him.

Geese typically like to spend their time with other members of their flocks. Mario is far from a typical goose in that way, however. He likes to be around his human buddy Ehrler whenever possible. He tags along when Ehrler walks around. When Ehrler rides his motorcycle, the goose even flies right by him. Ehrler often even has to remain with Mario until the goose finally goes to sleep.

Ehrler notes that passersby often stare in confusion when they spot him with the goose. Since they constantly stick together at the park, they’re noticeable to the many people who visit it on a regular basis. When dogs walk by, Mario reacts by attempting to “bark” at them. This, adorably enough, also happens to be Mario’s way of defending his beloved Ehrler from the dangers of the strange canines.

One person who sees Ehrler and Mario together regularly states that the pair strolls around the park resembling a couple. He also said it is a lovely sight to see.

Mario currently lives at a zoo in Los Angeles, California. Ehrler, of course, makes a point to stop by the zoo to see Mario all of the time. It’s important to understand, however, that while Mario truly adores Ehrler, the experience has been particularly meaningful for the human, not the goose. Ehrler’s relationship with the goose has influenced him to cease eating poultry entirely, a significant lifestyle adjustment. Ehrler says that he previously thought that birds were less than intelligent. He now, however, has an opinion that’s the polar opposite of that. Ehrler also previously sold rotisserie chickens for work. He no longer does that and actually finds the idea of socializing with birds much more pleasant than the idea of actually eating their meat.

The magical and unlikely connection between a man and a bird is truly incredible. It just serves as proof that strong friendships can indeed occur between creatures of two entirely different species. When you get the opportunity to live in this magnificent and vast world, you may be lucky enough to get the chance to befriend a creature who can open your mind and teach you a lot. Dominic Ehrler surely received that amazing opportunity one day.

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