VIDEO: When You See Who This Little Boys Best Friend Is You Will Be Totally Stunned!

It can be amazing how small children can form bonds. Deacon Ross is a two year old boy who sees his family’s garbage man, O Dee, as his best friend.

They have a truly heartwarming and adorable relationship that now has to come to an end, because Deacon’s family is moving. His mom is planning a farewell party, because the family needs to buy a bigger house for their growing family.

Deacon is helping his mom put together a gift basket for O Dee so that they can give it to him when he comes to pick up the garbage. Deacon is clearly excited to see his best friend every week, and sees Friday as “O Dee Day.” He clearly lights up whenever he sees the garbage truck approaching, and this time, these two share a little bit of valuable time together before they give O Dee the farewell gift.

It is sad that Deacon and O Dee will no longer be seeing one another every Friday when O Dee comes to pick up the garbage, but they will hopefully see one another again sometime. No matter what, the friendship between them is truly touching and heartwarming.

It must bring a great deal of joy to O Dee that this little boy loves him so much, and it is great to see that there is a lot of love between these two friends. It is hard to watch Deacon say goodbye to him, but the friendship will always be there.

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