VIDEO: When this Puppy Sees His Baby Brother Sleeping He Does The Unthinkable. LOL!

It is always heartwarming to see animals that love new children that are brought into the home. Because there are so many stories of pets who do not welcome the new babies, it is great to see that there are pets who see these new additions are new best friends that they need to love and protect.

This puppy love the newborn baby that has just been brought home, and he wants nothing more than to watch over him while the baby is sleeping. However, there is a small problem with this plan. The puppy is extremely sleepy as well. What he does is watch the sleeping baby for a while, and then think of his own solution to his conundrum.

He ends up snuggling with the baby and sleeping right on him, so that he can be his protective best friend and get a nap at the same time. What a clever puppy! When they wake up, they are likely to be well rested and have bonded from this experience that was so cute to watch for everyone.

This is absolutely adorable to watch, and the parents believe it as well. They are laughing softly while they see the puppy rest up gently against the sleeping baby. It is obvious that the baby and the puppy are likely going to grow up together and be the best of friends. That baby is so lucky to have such an adorable and supportive pal in his corner from the very beginning.

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