VIDEO: When This Homeless Man Falls You Will Be Taken Back When You See Who Helps Him

Most people would agree that no one is better than anybody else regardless of their class. However, a viral video has shown that a person’s appearance does affect the way that we treat them. In the video, there are two actors.

One of the actors is dressed up as a successful business person. The other actor is dressed up as a homeless person. When the successful business person falls, several people rush to help him up. However, when the actor dressed as a homeless person fell, no one helped him.

They looked at him and walked by without saying anything. The only person who helped the actor portraying the homeless person was another homeless person. The homeless person knew what it was like to be ostracized and ignored, so he wanted to help another person out.

At the end of the video, the actor comments about his experience being dressed up as a homeless person. He stated that when people walked passed him without helping him, it made him feel like he was less than a person. He also stated it was a shame that people could help a successful person who has it all, but they will not help a person who does not have anything.

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