VIDEO: When This Hamster Tried To Take A Nap He Made One HUGE Mistake. HA!!

There are those hilarious moments when living creatures give in to sleep during the most unusual situations, such as when a tiny kitten fell asleep when drinking water from a Mason jar. This was certainly the case when a hamster decided to try to take a catnap on his running wheel!

As humans, we completely understand that the overwhelming feeling of drowsiness can influence every action and thought in our life. As a result, we take extreme measures to stay awake and fight these sleepy sensations. Animals and humans alike are intent of fighting off sleep for many reasons.

In the case of humans, we often fight off sleep on purpose due to the demands of everyday life. In other cases, we fight it off inadvertently due to factors such as a lack of exercise or an unbalanced diet. However, when it comes to animals, they have more primal reasons for fighting off sleep.

This is particularly true with smaller animals such as hamsters because they are an easy prey. By staying awake, they are more aware of their surroundings and become less of a target for predators. Therefore, hamsters and other small animals have a much better reason for trying to fight off sleep than humans!

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