VIDEO: When This Female Sheep Got Loose, She Created An Animal Like No Other In History

In a Scottsdale, Arizona petting zoo, something happened that no one would have expected. Their female sheep got pregnant, even though they did not have a male. However, they did have a male goat, and it turned out that he was the father. It turned out that the female sheep and male goat had decided to mate and produce a baby. Their very unique baby was actually a goat-sheep hybrid, also known as a geep.

This geep had many interesting patterns and multiple colors, so one of the daughters in the family that owned the animals started calling him Butterfly, and it stuck. Butterfly has the coat of a sheep and the face and feet of a baby goat. Geeps are pretty rare; goats and sheep are somewhat similar, and it is obviously possible for them to make babies together, but they generally prefer to stick with their own species when looking for mates.

The rarity of hybrids of these two species is part of what makes Butterfly so special. The family does not know that much about this rare type of animal, but they are learning as they go, and figuring out how to take care of her as she grows and develops. They do observe that she is very smart, and they enjoy having her and learning about her.

Butterfly has definitely made this petting zoo unique with her presence. She is an adorable and unique animal that a lot of people are going to want to see.

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