VIDEO: When They Saw This Huge Deer In Trouble, This Couple Did Something I’d Be Scared To Do

A couple recently did something that most people would not do. They found a deer that was tangled up inside of Christmas lights. The lights were wrapped around his leg and antlers. The deer was very frightened and helpless. The couple decided that they could not let the deer stay tangled up.

They started untangling the lights and did not stop until the deer was completely untangled. It took a few minutes for them to untangle the deer. This was not an easy task. A deer is an animal that can kill a human in just a few seconds.

The ordeal was videotaped and posted on Facebook. The video has been viewed over one million times and been shared over 5,700 times. After the deer is untangled, he moves forward and back. The woman hands the deer an apple, and he eats it. The couple also managed to get a picture of the deer before they left.

With all that is going on in the world, people often question whether there are really any good people left. However, this video proves that there are still some good people left. People who not only want to do good for others, but they also want to help animals.

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