VIDEO: When They Saw The Sonogram, It Showed Something That SHOCKED Everyone. WHOA

Late night host Jimmy Kimmel of the “Jimmy Kimmel Live!” show recently had a hilarious segment where he punks his Aunt Chippy, a curmudgeon. Aunt Chippy was accompanying his cousin Micki to her sonogram. Given that his auntie has never witnessed a sonogram, he rigged the process along with his cousin Sal. Both mother and daughter arrive at the OBGYN as expected.

A woman posing as a physician begins to conduct the sonogram. Soon, the baby is seen clapping its hands. Next, the child appears to put its finger up its nose. Aunt Chippy is perplexed at the behavior. It is then the child takes the same finger and puts it in its mouth. This displeases Aunt Chippy, but the doctor assures her that at least the baby is eating. Then, the child flips the camera the bird.

This exasperates Aunt Chippy who asks aloud if it just did what she thought it had done. The doctor reassures her that it is just a reflex in the child. It is as this point that the child gets up on its legs and starts doing jumping jacks. Aunt Chippy is bewildered at how the baby can be doing calisthenics. She expresses her surprise that babies can stand up in their mother’s womb.

Lastly, two children descend into focus giving Aunt Chippy the impression that her daughter has twins. However, the babies have the heads of Jimmy and Sal. Just before they let her in on the gag, she notes that one of the babies looks just like Jimmy. Watch the video as it’s priceless.

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