VIDEO: When They Pulled Up Next To Him In A Car THIS Happened. It Left Them All Cracking Up

There are many series of YouTube videos that are enjoyable to watch. TJ Smith has put together a series with a popular theme, among his wide variety of videos on YouTube. A popular theme of his is “Highway Singalongs.” What he does is start singing as he is driving, and he gets other people on the road to join in the fun.

In this particular singalong, he plays “Build Me Up Buttercup” in his car while he drives down the road. He has his windows rolled all the way down, and he tries to get his fellow drivers on the road to join in. Some of them just ignore him, but there are quite a few people who join in and really enjoy themselves. The “Build Me Up Buttercup” video is his most popular singalong; in fact, it is the most popular video of all the videos on his channel.

Driving can be very stressful for some people, so it can be really great for drivers to make it as fun as possible, and infuse some energy into the experience. Although a lot of people enjoy other ways of occupying their minds, such as even singing on their own, TJ Smith likes to involve other people.

He enjoys it, and he enjoys bringing a little bit of extra fun to their days and drives. They share this enjoyable experience, and now they have a brighter day and a story to tell once they finish driving and get to their destination.

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