VIDEO: When Their Neighbors Saw They Had A Child, They Were Outraged. Their Reason Makes Me Sick

Simon Moore is from Norfolk, Virginia. He suffers from a medical condition called Treacher Collins. This is a rare condition that results in facial disfigurement. Simon has faced a lot of challenges in his life because of his rare condition. However, he did not let his condition stop him from wanting to marry and have his own family.

He did eventually marry and have a daughter. However, Simon’s decision to have a daughter has caused him to receive a lot of criticism and backlash. People have stated that Simon and his wife are cruel for having a child.

Simon and his wife Vicky have decided to respond to the cruel comments they have received. They have stated that raising their daughter Alice does come without challenges. However, they stated that having a daughter has been one of the greatest joys that they have experienced. Alice does have Treacher Collins, but she is a normal child. They also stated that Alice would grow up to be a perfectly normal child.

Even though Simon and Vicky have received a lot of cruel comments, there are many people who support their decision to have a child. Many people have stated that Simon is a beautiful person and has a beautiful child.

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