VIDEO: When The Sedation Wore Off She Started Doing The Funniest Thing. So Her Husband Hit Record

If you’ve ever had teeth removed while being sedated, then you know that you can say some strange things after you are given the medication to make you sleepy. This can take place with any kind of surgery really, but some of the funniest people are teenagers and young adults who have wisdom teeth removed.

Going to the dentist isn’t a visit that many people look forward to as there is often an odd smell in the office, and there are so many appliances and tools that are used in the mouth. Having a tooth removed can be painful, even if the pain is after you get home. There are some families who record what is said while their loved ones are in the dental chair. One woman had what she thought was a normal removal of her tooth.

Her husband was there with her. When she woke up from having the tooth pulled, she knew that the procedure went wrong. She also thinks that time is no longer relevant. She looks so serious in the video as she is sure that the dentist messed up her mouth and that the surgery didn’t even take place.

She thinks that she was awake during the entire procedure. Her husband asks her what she wants to do, and she wants to go to a store that sells juice. She has to have proof that the dentist has removed her teeth before she even remotely believes what happened.

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