VIDEO: When Started Filming Him, She Caught This On Camera And Now I Can’t Stop Laughing. LOL!

Pet videos have certainly taken over the internet, and there’s hardly a day that goes by where you don’t see something on the headlines about an insanely cute cat or dog that has miraculously been caught on film by their owner doing something that simultaneously melts our hearts and makes us go “aw” all at the same time.

Whether it’s something as simple as watching an adorable kitten or puppy walk on their back legs, open doors for themselves, flush toilets or even just chase their tail, we absolutely cannot get enough of these adorable animals, no matter what time or day or night, we always come back for more.

We’ve all had that day (or sometimes even multiple days during the week) where we hadn’t gotten enough sleep the night before and we have been extremely tired throughout the day, falling asleep while eating breakfast, in the shower or even at our desks, and it’s not that cute when we do it or see someone else doing it, right?

Well, believe us when we say it’s all the adorable-goodness in the world when we see an animal doing it. This video shows 50 of the cutest cats and dogs doing everything under the sun, from just playing with their owner or simply standing up and quickly falling asleep with droopy eyes and yawning mouths. After watching this video that’s a little over two minutes long, there will surely be a permanent smile on your face.

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