VIDEO: When She’s Told Her Sister In Inside Mommy’s Belly… Her Reaction?! LOL!

A young mother to be, Amy, is having an ultrasound performed to find out what the sex and health of her soon to be born child is.

The young expectant mother brought a pretty little girl along with her, and this super cute young lady manages to create smiles and laughter with her straightforward question.

The nurse performing the ultrasound let’s the young mother know that she is going to have a healthy baby boy. Our young mother to be is very excited, but the poor little girl is very confused. What is exactly is going on? “Amy Amy!” the little girl yells out. “It’s a boy.” she replies. “What are you doing?” the little girl asks.

Amy proceeds to explain that she is having an ultrasound done in order to see the baby. She patiently explains that the nurse is using the waving the wand over her stomach in order to see the baby that is in her tummy.

Using the logic that only toddlers possess, she asks possibly the most precious question ever asked in a Doctor’s office. “You ate the baby?” Thanks goodness for the innocence of small children, who will always be able to bring a smile to our faces without even having to try.

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