VIDEO: When She Walks On Stage Simon Is Baffled. But By The End, He’s Cheering!

There are all sorts of interesting and unusual act that has appeared on Britain’s Got Talent. However, this one may just top them all. Christina Lennon came onto the stage talking about her skills in hypnotism, but it soon became clear that she was actually not even talking about her own skills. Then, she brought her dog, Princess, onto the stage, and told the judges that the dog was actually a hypnotist. While this may be hard to believe, it seems that there is evidence that Christina was actually telling the truth with the statement.

What she ended up doing was bringing volunteers from the audience onto the stage to show what her dog was capable of doing. One by one, all of the volunteers ended up passing out on the floor. It may seem unbelievable, but this is actually what happened. At the end, she actually brought Simon Cowell onto the stage to test out Princess’s hypnotism skills on him. While he did not fall asleep right away, he was very visibly yawning when he got back to his seat.

Many people do not even believe that hypnotism is real as done by human beings, so the thought that a dog could hypnotize people may seem preposterous to some.

However, it seems like this dog may actually have some skills in this area. The judges on Britain’s Got Talent clearly thought that Christina Lennon and her dog were worth bringing back, because they, including Simon, voted to do so.

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