VIDEO: When She Put This In A Bowl I Had No Idea What She Was Doing. But This Turned Out GREAT

Making fudge can sometimes take a good bit of time. You have to prepare all of the ingredients so that they are at the right temperature when you put them in the pan, and you have to let the fudge sit for a certain amount of time before you can enjoy the sweet treat.

There is a way that you can make fudge that will only take a few minutes. When you are done making this treat, you will have something that has a smooth texture, and it will give you a warm feeling in your mouth. All you need are five ingredients and a microwave.

Put three cups of chocolate chips in a bowl, add some condensed milk, salt, and butter. You want to melt everything in the microwave for about ten minutes. When the chocolate is melted, then stir the ingredients together. Add a small amount of vanilla at the end.

Pour the fudge into a pan that has a foil lining. When the fudge is cold and set, you can easily remove it by lifting the foil from the pan. Cut the fudge into small pieces so that you can enjoy the treat with your family and friends.

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