VIDEO: When She Opened The Oven She Found THIS And It Left Her With The Shock Of A Lifetime

Opening an oven might not be that big of a deal, but this woman received the surprise of her life when she opens hers.

While you’re young, there are stages in life that you look forward to, such as graduating from high school or getting your license. As you grow older, those special times are few and farther between. When you do have a shocking moment in life, it’s often something that you won’t forget.

A grandmother gave her granddaughter a prom dress when she was little. She thought that the girl would play with it around the house, showing it to friends who would come to visit. When the young girl went to her prom, she surprised her grandmother when she wore the dress to the dance.

The woman in this video receives a surprise in her oven that isn’t anything that you can bake. Her reaction is priceless. Her son and his wife were gathered in the kitchen with her. He told his mother that there was a surprise in the oven. This surprise was for her birthday.

She goes on a hunt in the kitchen for the surprise before she opens the oven to see a honeybun. This translates to a bun in the oven, or a new pregnancy. This was a clever way for her son to announce that they were expecting a baby.

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