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Making an individual quiche is actually very simple and quick to do. The first things that are needed are all of the ingredients that a person usually uses for a quiche, but they just have to be on a much smaller scale. The ingredients used for the quiche are: an egg, salt, pepper, milk, butter, any of the ingredients that a person wants to add to the quiche topped with cheese and breadcrumbs.

The first thing to do is melt butter into a coffee mug and make sure that it gets on all the side. After the butter is melted next mix in one egg and a fourth cup of milk. Whisk those three ingredients together and then add a pinch of salt and a pinch of pepper. After the salt-and-pepper are added a person can choose to add any vegetables or meat that they would want to have with their quiche. After those ingredients are added to the quiche next it should be topped with cheese and then a few breadcrumbs.

After all of the ingredients are in the mug then the quiche is ready to be microwaved. Put the mug in the microwave covered on high for three to three and a half minutes. After the quiche has been microwaved, remove it completely and tear the quiche away from the mug using a knife. Flip the mug over completely onto a saucer and Voila! The quiche is ready.

It can be delicious to be able to eat a quiche, but at the same time it can be time-consuming to chop up all of the ingredient and bake the quiche for a long period of time. Since that is the case, a person does well to make an individual quiche so that they can enjoy a yummy breakfast that is quick and easy.

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