VIDEO: When Parents Sell Their Lost Child’s Crib, They NEVER Expected This Surprise In Return

It is a very hard thing to endure when a parent is faced with an unthinkable loss such as the death of a baby.

A mother was faced with the death of her baby just days from her delivery date. She had the gut wrenching idea that she knew something wasn’t quite right and when she arrived at her doctors office she was informed that the baby was no longer living. She delivered a beautiful baby boy named Noah.

During a garage sale a year later a lady asked about the crib and how old her baby was. She informed the older lady of her devastating loss and loaded the crib into the bed of her truck. On the ride home the woman explained to her husband what had happened to the woman and her devastating loss. A few days later the man returned to her door with a surprise. Directly in front of the woman was a beautiful bench that had been made from pieces of the child’s crib.

A beautiful white crib with a baby blanket made pillow that would have been used had little baby Noah survived. Now the woman has a beautiful memory to help ease the pain of such a devastating loss. The woman placed the chair in the room that would have been used as little Noahs nursery and helps make the pain much more bareable. A pleasant surprise that she did not see coming when loading her sons crib into the bed of the woman’s pickup truck.

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