VIDEO: When I Saw What She Got Her Puppy To Do…OMG! SO CUTE

Are our canine buddies more intelligent than we give them credit for? The question in regards to a recent event is, what can our pups learn in just four days? In this selected video, that is the question we should have answered. After watching the entire clip through, we can all agree that puppies are indeed smarter than we may have given them credit for in the past. Not only are they intelligent, they are also adorably cute.

This special French Bulldog who goes by the name of Brody has already learned more tricks at just twelve weeks than most canines will be able to learn in double that amount of time. His owner has claimed that the quick learning has been implemented through tedious motions of positive reinforcement and plenty of delicious treats (to the pup at least)!

The owner also encourages other pet owners to instill positive reinforcement within their puppies as well, as they will not only maintain good health, but also a strong bond with their master. In regards to our pets, it is highly imperative for us as owners to ensure that we implement enough love and care into their lives. We get what we put into things, and this is especially true in regards to our pets.

They knows that without us, their leader, they will not be able to survive or live as well as they are currently. Therefore, they will ultimately do everything within their abilities to serve and protect us.

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