VIDEO: When I Found Out What These Alabama KKK Members Do As A Career, I Was In Utter Disbelief

When you think about those who are involved in the KKK, you might think that most of the people live in the country and work off of a farm or live a similar lifestyle. While there are people like this who are members of the KKK, the rolls of some of the Alabama chapters include those who you might not suspect.

A crew from BBC recently conducted interviews with some of the people who are members of the KKK. These are people who include teachers, medical professionals and politicians. They are people who are respected in the community. They aren’t the type of people who most would think would be members of the KKK.

The chapter in Alabama called The Loyal White Knights claims that it is the largest group in the United States. Many of the people who are in the chapter are in the military.

This is perhaps more disturbing as they have access to powerful weapons. All of the members have permits to carry concealed weapons. There are some leaders who claim that the group, along with other chapters in the country, will begin a war where they make their mark and take a stand against all of the behavior taking place in the country today.

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