VIDEO: When He Stole Her Parking Space, I never Expected Her To Do THIS To Get Revenge. So Funny!

A woman in Japan driving a red compact car was desperately searching for an available space in a parking lot and her predicament was recently captured on video. She breathed a sign of relief when she finally came upon what was possibly the last empty space in the lot, then proceeded to pull up to the spot, and then pull her car forward in an effort to back into the space so she could eventually pull out head first.

But at the last minute, an inconsiderate driver in a white Suzuki compact car swept into the right side of the space, leaving her barely any room remaining.

But this female driver didn’t change her plans one iota. Seeing what the other driver had done, she continued to carefully maneuver her tiny red car rear end first into the tight space, which left absolutely no room for her, or the other driver, to open their respective car doors.

But the driver in the red car knew exactly what she doing and wound up exacting a very clever revenge on the inconsiderate driver who pulled into the space he knew she was trying to back into.

While the driver of the white compact was boxed in on both sides from exiting his vehicle, the very savvy female driver of the red compact car calmly opened the roof of her convertible and stepped out into the lot, not even giving the other driver a backward glance.

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