VIDEO: When Docs Want to Pull Life Support, Dad Does The Unthinkable. What It Caused Is A Miracle

Most fathers are willing to go above and beyond their for their children. However, a judge will decide whether a father legally crossed the line by engaging in an armed stand off with hospital staff members. The dad was told that his son could possibly be taken off of life support. When he heard those words, he pulled out a gun and demanded that a nurse allowed him to see his son.

The father later stated that he brought the gun to the hospital because he was going to commit suicide if his son was taken off of life support. When the father spent time aloe with his son, he prayed. He also tried to prove that his son was not brain dead. He asked his son to squeeze his hand. The son squeezed his father’s hand four times.

The standoff between the father and the hospital staff lasted for about four hours. The son woke up the same night. The father says that he has no regrets because he believes that the reason his son is still alive today is because of what he did. He was arrested and spent 70 days jail.

He was arrested again because he violated a no-contact order. He is currently awaiting trial.

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