VIDEO: What This Garbage Man Did For Autistic Boy Gives Me Hope For Humanity. AMAZING

When the video starts, you see this little boy just standing there, waiting, watching for the garbage man. Once the garbage man pulls up in his truck, the little boy boy just goes crazy. He gets so excited to see it. He starts waving at the man as he stops and pulls in front of their house.

The little boy’s parents are standing with the boy and videoing his reaction. This little boy has autism, we don’t know when he was diagnosed or what a normal day looks like for him. We don’t see the struggle that he and his parents go through on a day to day basis.

On a regular day, a garbage man’s duties include to drive by each house and collect the trash and recycling from each resident. Usually there is not much interaction between garbage men and the customers, but with this family the interaction was heart warming.

When the garbage man saw the little boy waving at him, he stopped the truck and got out to come and great him. Not only did he come up and greet the little boy, but he gave him a very special gift. This gift was a toy garbage truck. To most that wouldn’t mean much, but to him it meant the world.

At the very end of the video, the mom revealed that the little boy’s truck had been broken the week before. This video shows that the smallest of actions, make the biggest impacts.

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