VIDEO: What She Dribbles Into This Water Bottle? Genius! Never Have A Bored Child Again

Kids are going to be kids. It’s just the way kids work. And since children are who they are, parents have to step up to the bat with effective discipline. Usually, this begins with a simple timeout. Except any parent can tell you that there is absolutely nothing simple about timeout. After all, kids are going to be kids – even in timeout.

So what is a parent to do? Duct taping children to the wall, while considered by millions, really is a poor idea. Velcro suits, likewise, just isn’t a realistic option. Yet, there is most definitely a trick to help mom and dad keep their sanity while administering proper discipline to their little ones; the fun bottle. All it takes to make a fun bottle is a little glue, a water bottle, and some glitter.

Take a bottle, fill it 3/4 of the way with water, add a little tacky glue, and plenty of glitter. Wallah! A bottle of fun for those tykes doing time in the chair. Once the child takes their seat, he gives the bottle a good shake. Now, it’s his job to keep close inspection on the fun bottle. This is so much easier than staring at a wall that he’ll be able to keep his seat with far less fuss. Plus, the fun bottle is a built in timer. Once all of the glitter hits the bottom, timeout is officially over.

Timeout is an effective discipline tool, but only if the child actually sits through it. Parents know that administering timeout often creates more problems than it solves. After all, no child wants to sit for long. Add to that an angry, wound up attitude, and most children aren’t likely to go down without a fight. While the fun bottle is a sneaky incentive to convince children to sit still, it also gives them the opportunity to calm down and reflect on the behavior that landed them in timeout without driving mom and dad up the wall.

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